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OverclockersHQ Spam-nation Reader Appreciation Contest
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Written by Munk   
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Well it is getting close to the end of summer and we decided to make the pain of dragging yourself out of bed and going back to school a little less painful. We are having a reader appreciation contest all august long the list of prizes is an impressive batch and the competition will be fierce (Winners announced sept 15th cut off for entries is august 31st). In order to gain entry into this contest all we want is for you to tell someone else about it. If you have a youtube account and make a video post about our contest we will give you 3 entries into the contest. Do you have a blog or website? Make a blog post (or twitter) and that will bag you 2 more entries into the contest. Are you just a lowly forum member or a blog post commenter? That’s ok as long as you have permission to do so (must be on a another site) make a post or put a link in your sig to the contest and we will give you one entry for each post. The max entries you can have in the contest is 5 how you choose to enter is up to you. Click Read More for prize list: (North American Players only please). *NEW*Subscribe to our youtube channel: if you are a subscriber you will be eligable for any of the prizes after the top 3 just by clicking subscribe!

We are doing a combined contest so I will be listing a bunch of our affiliate contests in this post for youguys as well here is the links:


For starters before I show off the swag this may be an incomplete list of prizes we are waiting on a few manufacturers to reply so there may be many prizes to come. Also once you have posted a link on another site you can either post a link to where you posted a link in the comments of this news post (if you are a registered user of if you are not a registered user please send me a link to the link ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Winners will be chosen at the end of August and announced early September.
One reader appreciation aspect everyone can enjoy is that has offered an exclusive deal to overclockershq readers of a 20% discount (coupon code: Overclockershq-GamersDesk (no spaces) ) for the remainder of this contest and on into the first half of September.

 Second Prize(x 4 Random of one of the fallowing):

NZXT Beta PC Chassis:

In-Win Alpha360

 In-Win B2Stealth Bomber

 In-Win F430



3rd Prize:


4th Prize (3 winners):

Laptop Gamers Desk

5th Prize (2 Winners):

Nexus XiR-3500




6th Prize (2 Winners)


7th Prize (2 Winners) 

Nexus XiR-2300


8th Prize (2 Winners)

 Nexus AXM-8200



9th Prize (2 Winners)


10th Prize (1 Winner) 3x fans:

 Noctua NF-S12B FLX fan


 11th Prize (1 Winner) 3x fans:

Coolink SWiF2 120mm fan


12th Prize:

2x 50% off coupons  for the XTracPads Ripper XXL


Our First Video promoting the contest has been posted by  CerealzGBdISPUTE We are starting to rev up the contest now we have 4 qualifying readers so far with multiple entries each. Keep it up guys.

And here is another entry for the contest (funny!):

slugbug   | |2009-08-04 09:00:11
Posted on Twitter:

My Blog:
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-08-04 09:21:24
Welcome to the contest that's 5 entries for you Thanks for playing hope you win.
slugbug   | |2009-08-06 06:18:06
Thanks, I hope so too
MazX  - Posted on SWG   | |2009-08-06 13:28:23
Gamers need good comps, so I added you guys to my
MazX   | |2009-08-06 13:38:51
and pic_id=973633
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-08-06 13:39:24
Sig on SWG that's definitely good for 5 entries. Thanks for the post
MazX   | |2009-08-06 13:50:47
ah and I see someone else already thought of Digg LOL
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-08-06 14:03:08
Excellent Idea anyone that throws in a digg gets another entry into the contest.
admin  - another youtuber entry   |SAdministrator |2009-08-09 07:51:20
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-08-09 12:55:59
Here is another entry into the contest ershq.html (thats good for 2
CerealzTheDude   | |2009-08-22 15:49:16
I really want to win a case, i need one badly
admin   |SAdministrator |2009-08-22 16:57:53
at the rate things are going with the contest chances are pretty good.
slugbug   | |2009-09-14 06:17:10
Looking forward to receiving my prize By the way, twitter is still posting
this contest even though it is now over.
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