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Verbatim 32GB SDHC vs Patriot 8GB Duplicator SDHC Review
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Written by Munk   
Hits smaller text tool iconmedium text tool iconlarger text tool icon storage media has taken a huge leap in size lately with the new addition of SDHC cards. With fully digital imaging and video coming out, the need for a better SD card was tantamount to the success of new technologies. Companies like Patriot and Verbatim have stepped up to the plate in hopes to dominate the SDHC market and satisfy an ever growing need for expansion media. Today we will be pitting the Verbatim Premium 32GB SDHC against the Patriot 8GB Duplicator SDHC in an effort to see how this new generation of SDHC cards perform. Let’s get a closer look at these cards.

Provided by: Verbatim and Patriot

Prices: Verbatim: $110.99 Patriot: $33.99

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:


(Approximate number of images per card)
Type of Camera *File Size (MB) 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
2 Megapixel 0.86 148 296 592 1191 2381 4763 9526 19051
3 Megapixel 1.17 109 219 438 876 1750 3501 7002 14003
4 Megapixel 1.90 67 134 269 538 1078 2156 4312 8623
5 Megapixel 2.54 50 100 201 403 806 1613 3225 6450
6 Megapixel 3.04 42 84 168 336 674 1347 2695 5390

M U S I C   C A P A B I L I T I E S
(Approximate number of minutes per card)
**Capacity *MP3 *WMA
(128 kbps)
(160 kbps)
(96 kbps)
(128 kbps)
128MB 142 106 164 125
256MB 284 213 328 250
512MB 568 426 656 501
1GB 1137 853 1312 1003
2GB 2274 1706 2624 2006
4GB 4548 3412 5248 4012
8GB 9096 6824 10496 8024
16GB 18192 13648 20992 16048


Premium SDHC Card™ 32GB

Verbatim SDHC cards offer optimal performance for your SDHC digital camera or other SDHC slot equipped device. Featuring the industry's highest performance rating (Speed Class 6 rated), and minimum Write and Read speeds of (60X) 9MB and (133X) 20MB/sec respectively, Verbatim's SDHC card offers superior video capture/playback characteristics and fast photo upload/downloads to/from your PC as compared to lower performing Class 2 and Class 4 speed rated cards.

Features & Benefits

  • Requires SDHC host device
  • Class 6 speed performance rating
  • Write Protect Switch prevents accidental data deletion
  • Fully Compliant with all applicable SDHC Standards
  • Verbatim Limited Lifetime Warranty



Testing Setup:


For testing I will be running Flash Media Toolkit. I will be running the read test as well as the low level file benchmarking tool on both the Patriot and Verbatim cards. The two cards are different classes of SDHC type so we won’t technically be pitting them head to head against each other but we will display the results just so you can see what kind of speeds these card can achieve.

Low Level File Benchmark:






Read Test:






Overall both card achieved very impressive speeds over SD cards of yesteryear. The addition of the duplicator software to the Patriot make it an incredible buy for under $0 and the sheer size of the Verbatim make for a great all around card for whatever you are doing including using it to run a secondary OS.

Would I recommend these products? Absolutely, although personally I would go for one of the other Patriot SDHC cards in the duplicator series because 8GB’s isn’t enough it was however a great card over all. The Verbatim’s throughput made it an incredible contender and I was very impressed with its over all performance over the Patriot


  • Prices for both
  • Software (Patriot)
  • Speed
  • More Durable than an External HDD 


  • Speeds Weren`t up to par with the Verbatim (Patriot)
I was extremely impressed with both cards even though the Patriot card did a little worse in testing it did include fantastic software so both receive our gold award:

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