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JETART MP2000 Multifunctional Mousepad Review
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Written by David Bremer   
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JETART MP2000 Multifunctional Mousepad Review
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Hey Ladies and Gents. Today were going to check out an innovative mouse pad by JETART Technology. This is the Jetart MP2000 Multifunctional Mousepad. If you have ever found yourself short on USB ports for all your toys or cursed at your laptop for because you just dumped your coffee all over the keyboard while trying to switch out thumb drives, then this is the pad for you! It's sleek design has incorporated a 4-port USB hub. So to all you USB junkies out there, lets take this one for a ride!

Provided by: Jetart Technology

Price: TBA

Closer Look:

What we have here is a sleek wedge shaped mousepad with a built in 4-port USB hub from Jetart Technology. The packaging for the MP2000 Multifunctional mousepad is simple in design and has minimal waste. The front and back of the package give you a good explanation of what you’re buying and what this product can do for you. If you find that there just isn’t enough USB ports on your laptop to accommodate all the devices that power your life, then this is the pad for you! With its for USB ports right there at your finger tips, there is never any need to worry about charging your phone, transferring those files from your IPod or MP3 player, or even plugging in that USB headset.



Once removed from the packaging we can see that this is not your typical mousepad. The MP2000 Multifunction mouse pad has a nice front to back wedge design and is a great size. In the upper right corner is a cool blue light that lets you know the USB ports are being accessed.



On the backside of the pad we find a 26-inch USB cord that fits very nicely in its own storage well.


Here we can see the 4 USB ports and the 6-volt plug (adapter not included) for those devices that need a powered USB hub.


In this last picture you can see a typical setup using the Jetart MP2000 Multifunctional mousepad. As you can see I have my IPod and cell phone plugged into the pad. For those of you with multiple thumb drives, or other USB devices, you now have plenty of ports AND a functional mousepad in one unit. No more need for that extra USB hub.

On to some specs!

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