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Tech Review: Samsung MX20 Camcorder
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Written by Munk   
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Youtube is even bigger now then when it was bought out by google. People are broadcasting themselves all over the net. Some actually making a tidy sum off of there Youtube submissions. Do you need a high end camera to get yourself more hits on youtube? The answer in short is now with the cap on the resolutions on youtube you can use just about any camera. The problem with the youtube resolutions is that you need to do some serious hacking and chopping to your video in order to get it small enough in size and time to be able to piost t on Youtube. One nice bonus to this camera is that it takes the guess work out of optimised resolution and format. The handy button for Youtube mode makes your life much easier and the price for this beautiful little camera is only $200 currently. The 32x optical zoom also takes this camera a step above ther rest. Check out the video review by clicking read more:

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