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Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review
Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review - Conclusion
User Rating: / 8
Written by MrCuddlestheBear   
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Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review
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The Mobile Action igot-U GT-600 GPS Travel Logger is a great product, and here’s why. Right from the packaging to end result, everything is made simple. No need to be intimidated if you’ve never used a similar device, this product has you covered. The help files simply explain everything with the aid of illustrations. One minor drawback is that plugging the USB into the device can be a little difficult due to the design of the charging port. You have to press quite firmly to get it to go in. Also noteworthy is that the charging port is not a generic design, therefore a USB/ AC adaptor would have to be purchased for any trips of significant duration where a computer would not be available. On a positive note, one simple thing struck me as being very well thought out. The protective rubber casing around the device is soft and pliable, with a loop of the same material on the back. This not only protects the device, but allows you to secure it to whatever you so desire, allowing you to properly place the device where it will function. Overall, I was very pleased with the Travel Logger and how it performed, as well as how easy it was to use from start to finish. All of these factors lead me to give it a Gold Award.


  • Price
  • Easy to use
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Precise Instrument
  • Protective Casing/Loop



  • None

JohnA  - Can you download the track data via Bluetooth?   | |2009-05-06 02:28:03
After you go on a trip and collect much waypoint data, can you then
download this data via Bluetooth, or do you have to connect the device to the
USB port to retrieve all the data?

Anonymous   | |2009-05-06 03:42:13
Yes you can do it both ways I believe
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