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Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review
Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review - Testing
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Written by MrCuddlestheBear   
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Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review
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This is a product that has so many possible applications, that deciding how to test it took some thought. Being that winter doesn’t lend itself to long hikes in the mountains, I decided to send my son and video expert from LotsaEntertainment for a walk with the dog.  He strapped on i-gotU Travel Logger, and I started to type this review. When he was done, I would be able to upload the data to my computer and test the software itself for ease of use. Let’s see how things turned out.


Before I set out, I first read over the help files located in the program. These were invaluable for my first use of the Travel Logger. Prior to his walk I followed the power-up procedures it searched for a signal for about 20 seconds. Blinking both it’s LEDs twice, it signalled that it had acquired a GPS lock. I then went inside and saw if it found my house, hey google maps was right at my front door, wow!


Once my son returned I hooked theTravel Logger to the PC and the GPS data was downloaded, I was able to see the fruits of his expedition. Plus another little drive I took in the car, here is a screen shot on the classic view.



For the purpose of the test however, I chose the Classic Template, as it displays a enough information collected from the unit and you can click play and follow the car taking your trip on the map. Examples include average speed, total duration of the trip, length of each trip segment, altitude, and more. Each individual point contains even more information, enabling the user to get a real feel for the trip, even if they weren’t there when it was taken. The “@trip PC” software allows you to go even further, uploading pictures from your digital camera or device, and then placing them along the way as points of interest. This can be done manually, but a very nice feature is the auto-match that “@trip PC” performs with the GPS Log, placing all of your images just where and when they should be automatically.  In the sports analyzer mode you can enter you body weight, height etc and it will track athletic progress.  This is quite the little peice of software.


Although I did not personally go as far as to create a virtual trip and upload it to Google Earth, the people at Mobile Action have a fantastic video of the end result of just that. With the “@trip PC” software, you can let the world, or maybe just close friends, know all about your trip and what you saw along the way. Once your trip is uploaded, you’ll be able to further impress with others with the 3d terrain features of Google Earth, proving that you were indeed on top of that particular mountain and here’s the proof.

 So there you have it, the testing is done.  Time for the conclusion.

JohnA  - Can you download the track data via Bluetooth?   | |2009-05-06 02:28:03
After you go on a trip and collect much waypoint data, can you then
download this data via Bluetooth, or do you have to connect the device to the
USB port to retrieve all the data?

Anonymous   | |2009-05-06 03:42:13
Yes you can do it both ways I believe
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